Cori Greenfield • Art Director

The North Face


We found that The North Face’s clothing is made not necessarily with the explorer in mind, but the average build of men and women. 

Female customer’s were disappointed with the restrictive clothing and some male customer’s who needed a closer fit felt too insecure to go into the female clothing section.


The North Face wants to impact change and express a fresh, modern and inclusive perspective on the outdoors.

The North Face believes that everyone is an explorer, and that no one should be inhibited by the clothes they wear or the pressure of shopping in a section "meant" for them. That's why The North Face is taking away the women and men's section, and selling their clothes to everyone, no matter what their identity is.


Student work


Copywriter: Katie Merifield

Art Director: Cori Greenfield

Art Director: Kylie Bolyard

Art Director: Carolyn Crane


Spring 2019