Cori Greenfield • Art Director



When you're ancestry is laid out to you on a screen, it's neat. But when you're able to dive deep into the modern aspect of it and connect with it, that's special.

Ancestry DNA is launching an integrated campaign, Ancestry Connected, which allows consumers to learn more about their ethnicity and cultures through partnerships with Netflix, Spotify, and Snack Crate (a subscription service for international snacks).

Consumers will be able to access Ancestry Connected through their AncestryDNA profile page. From there they can click on any of the icons and be redirected to each website, with the Ancestry Connected features ready and waiting.

On Spotify they will be directed to a custom playlist of 100 songs built off of their DNA percentages. It’s a collection of the most popular songs in those countries and is updated every month to keep the listener up date on their modern heritage.

On Netflix there will be a new section on the streaming platform just for Ancestry Connected. In this section there will be popular films and TV shows from the countries in their DNA. This will be updated every month to help show the consumer what shows everyone's raving about in, for example, East Asia or Finland.

With Snack Crate the consumer will get a box of 10 snacks from the countries in their DNA based off their DNA percentages. These will be popular snacks enjoyed in the countries of the consumer's heritage, and will be another way they can dive deeper into their culture.


Student work


Art Director: Cori Greenfield

Art Director: Ramsey Chandler


Fall 2019